Public transport

How Important Is Public Transport?

Public transport makes up a large percentage of travel within the United Kingdom as well as having a very significant influence on the number of travellers across Europe. Lets look at how important public transport is overall and why it is so popular with many.

Accessibility And Simplicity

One of the key reasons as to why public transport is so important overall is accessibility and simplicity. Public transport is highly accessible and there are provisions in place to ensure that disabled and elderly members of society are also able to use public transport.

In addition to being very accessible , there are also a number of factors that contribute to the overall simplicity of public transport. One of the main reasons why public transport is considered so simple and easy to use is the way it is organised.

Most public transport services are organised into travel hubs with a variety of different routes and prices. These can be condensed within cities and information is easily accessible on which route is best to take for you. Information about public transport routes and prices can often be found online and this helps you to plan your journeys well in advance as well as accessing important information prior to travelling.


Affordability is a big influencing factor which can lead to many people choosing to use public transport. However , depending on the geographical area of some services , prices can vary widely. For example , in some cases it may be cheaper to travel by car than to travel by train due to the annual increase in prices from train companies.

Some routes can be more expensive than others. Furthermore , peak time charges are applied during busy times such as rush hour in order to reduce congestion as well as to increase profits for travel and transport companies.

Effectiveness And Reliability

Effectiveness and reliability are further factors that have a significant overall influence on whether or not people choose to use public transport. In order for a form of public transport to be popular , it needs to be effective overall. One of the main reasons why public transport is effective is thanks to effective planning and precautionary measures.

In addition to being effective overall , it is also imperative that a public transport organisation is reliable. Reliability is key within the industry and is the main influencing force over whether people may choose to use public transport or not.


Overall to conclude it is clear that without access to public transport , many communities would struggle to be able to access major cities or transport hubs. Therefore it is important where possible that public transport remains effective and open in order for it to be used regularly and valued by society.

That being said , it is crucial that public transport companies maintain a high level of service in order to for their services to be run effectively and appreciated by the wider community. In order for this to happen it is important that the government continues to support public transport with grants as well as funding.