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6 Trends in Makeup That You Should Be Aware Of in the Spring of 2021

Even if we think that we have already seen everything in the beauty industry, new trends in make-up appear every year and this year is no exception. The coronavirus slowed down the dynamics of everyday life, but at the same time people found their time for creativity and creative expression. Experts predict that many of the trends in makeup and cosmetics this year will allow women to expand their boundaries and show individuality.

We present you 6 trends in the world of make-up, which you can look forward to in 2021 and which Nikoleta Lozanova’s cosmetics follow.

Dramatic volume in the lashes

You’ve always wanted to appear in front of the world with those beautiful and voluminous lashes, but you’re also afraid that you won’t look ridiculous? Well, this year is your time, because long lashes are back. The dramatic volume in the lashes will reveal your inner diva. If you are not a fan of false eyelashes, you can use mascara combined with a few tricks to lengthen lashes.

Graphic eyeliner

It is already clear that 2021 is the year of bold trends in makeup and the graphic eyeliner is emerging as another non-standard one. The graphic eyeliner made its debut last year, when masks became part of our daily lives. The gurus in the world of beauty expressed their creativity through this type of make-up, which quickly rose as hot in the charts. From a standard color eyeliner to great designs, there are no limits on how you can individualize this trend for yourself, which makes it a favorite for many.

Underlined lower eyelid

Masks will probably remain part of our daily lives for some time to come, so this year’s makeup trends are focusing on the eyes. NL beauty will take care of you.

The accentuated lower eyelid is again a wave of makeup that has been out of fashion for a while and is returning this year. We will see more of it throughout the year, expecting a combination of color and black shades, to accentuated with white lower eyelid, to visually enlarge the eye. Have you tried?

Makeup “without makeup”

As minimalism becomes more popular, makeup trends are also adapting to this new lifestyle. Soft earthy shades on the eyelid, natural lips and blush cheekbones will always be in fashion and are always a good idea.

Laminated eyebrows

And the model eyebrows, Bella Hadid style were not late as a trend among the ladies. In addition to giving the face that innocent, youthful look, they visually raise the eyebrow line, leaving the feeling of that hot fox look. Add to that the lack of commitment to paint your eyebrows in the morning, and this wave of makeup is long-lasting.

Thick, dark lips

The classics! With or without a mask, lipstick never goes out of style, as it is key to completing the makeup look because it always transforms mood and self-esteem. That is why on the NL Beauty website we have taken care to select for you a wide range of colors and textures of our favorite type of cosmetics – lipstick. From classic red to modern burgundy, ladies are about to find their favorite bold shades in the lips and use them all year round.

Tip: If you want to reduce the chances of lipstick being erased from your mask, look for one with a matte texture. It is more resistant to smearing than glosses. We could not wait to look through the lens of makeup trends in the spring of 2021 and share them with you. We looked for the predictions of some of the greatest celebrity make-up artists – Molly Stern and Rene Lois and created the above list especially for you. Boldly forward to spring and summer 2021