Woman in drivers seat on one of the intensive driving courses Glasgow with long haired instructor in the passenger side.

All You Need to Know About Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow

Learning to drive is a big money-making business. For many people, driving is a necessity of modern day living. This is why it is extremely common to take driving lessons as soon as the legal age is reached. In Glasgow, the legal age to drive is seventeen years old. As it is a metropolitan city, Glasgow is filled with vehicles all trying to get from location to location in the quickest time possible. Drivers in this city range from age seventeen to one hundred at all different competencies. All Pass Driving is one of the most popular driving schools in Glasgow. To learn more about their services, continue reading this article.

Corner of a UK drivers licence achieved after taking intensive driving courses Glasgow.

Driving for Work in Glasgow

For a large portion of the population, driving is essential to fulfilling their duties of employment. For example, estate agents typically need to be able to drive from their office to every property they are managing in a fairly short space of time. This could be because there is a last minute viewing or some sort of emergency that needs attending to. Another example would be anyone working in the car sales industry; it is usually a requisite for everyone working at a car sales garage, regardless of the position, to hold a valid driver’s licence. As a result of such requirements, there are times when people need to pass their driving test very quickly, in comparison to the typical learner period which is 40 hours spread over 20 to 40 weeks. A sure-fire solution to this is intensive driving courses Glasgow.

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow

All Pass Driving is a highly sought after driving school that guarantees friendly teachers, comprehensive learning and passing the test. One of the popular services that All Pass Driving (APD) offers is intensive driving courses Glasgow. Perhaps you have been offered a new job and have been told that you must travel to different cities by car as part of your duties. Or you could find yourself in a domestic situation that requires driving such as having children or becoming a caregiver. Regardless of the circumstances, if you need to learn to drive fast then APD is the best driving school in Glasgow for you.

Front view of man in red car on one of the intensive driving courses Glasgow.

Options for Courses

At APD there is a large variety of course options, allowing people of different levels of ability a course that suits their circumstances. The number of hours available range from seven all the way to fifty. This means that APD cater to those who are just started their lessons for the first time and those who may have lots of experience driving but are in need of a refresher course to sit their test. You can choose a course that includes the cost of your test, or opt for the one without. Some employers may offer to pay for your test if you fund the lessons, this is an example of why someone may not want to pay for their test with APD. On top of that, you can choose the intensity of your lessons. For example, there are courses available which run for a full week. Alternatives include half weeks and weekends.