Repair Your Rolex with An Online Watch Repair Company

The watch industry is changing, this means that those who belong in the world of watch repair are changing with it. Rolex servicing and repair company Repairs By Post have started an online watch repair company that allows watch owners across the UK to find a watch repair service that will do their brand justice.

Moving watch repair online seems to be working as 10,000 people have registered as customers, 85% having their watches or jewellery repaired by post. Because they are a postal service they can fix luxury watches from all over the UK and abroad.

Jonathan, the owner of the Rolex repair company, has said: “we are delighted that we now know the industry better than anyone else and can manage customers and take them on a safe, reliable repair journey.”

Moving Towards Modern Watch Repair

Repairs By Post have been completing watch and Rolex repairs for a number of years. They are one of the only online watch repair brands in the UK and their customers appreciate the efficiency of their online watch repair service.  The System is super easy to use too:

  • First message Repairs By Post and tell their experts about your item
  • If you decide to use Repairs By Post, send them your item using a secure package
  • They will fix the item and return the item to you!
  • All work fully guaranteed & insured

The Future of Watch & Rolex Repair

Jonathan Goldstone, saw the demand for this type of service for professionals who are looking for Rolex repair in London and other big UK cities. Repairs By Post cover Scotland, England and Wales, which makes them the perfect choice if you are looking for an expert in something Rolex repair.

Repairs By Post make everything easy. Customers can contact the brand by live chat, email. Customers can also send images of their jewellery that they have taken on their mobile phone.Big things could be on the horizon as the popularity of the service means that the business plans to secure new business across Europe, Australia, the US and China.

rolex repair at repairs by post

Rolex Repair

Rolex Repair is one of Repairs By Post’s main services. As you will know Rolex is a watch brand to aspire to. Repairs by Post are horology experts, which means that their customer’s Rolex repairs are in the best hands when they arrive at their work shop.

Repairs By Post say that “during a Rolex watch service, the horologist will examine every aspect of the timepiece to pinpoint any areas that require replacement”.

Be very careful with Rolex repairs,  as Repairs By Post are a Rolex Accredited repair company, therefore they use only original Rolex parts. Did you know that a Rolex watch takes about one year to create? There are no shortcuts taken in the creation of a Rolex watch, therefore, no shortcuts should b taken with your repair.

You can find out more details about Rolex servicing and repair on Repairs By Post website. There you will find a step by step guide to Rolex repair.