The Role of An SEO Edinburgh Agency

Digital marketers have access to the information which will drive your business forward. Creative copywriting is also a game changed when it comes to reaching higher positions.

You may be wondering, what is Search Engine Optimisation and what do digital marketers do every day. The purpose of SEO is to turn impressions into organic clicks, focusing on the keywords which are the most relevant to your website.

SEO Edinburgh agencies like Smarter Digital Marketing improve their client’s rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing. You too can work with an SEO company in Edinburgh if you wish to deliver online marketing results.

It’s time to weigh up your options. SEO can be expensive, and it can take months to work. If you have no experience with digital marketing then you will regret not hiring an SEO Edinburgh company.

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SEO Edinburgh Techniques

There is a lot of work behind SEO Edinburgh campaigns. From keyword research to link building and reporting,  it is all down to technique. Some of the services which are offered include:

  • SEO Audits
  • Keyword Research
  • Copywriting
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Link Building & Analysis
  • Local & Global Search Placement
  • SEO Reporting

Whether you know little or a lot about SEO, you can be involved with your SEO campaign as little or as much as your like when you are working with a digital marketing agency.

Before you begin, you should know that SEO Edinburgh search terms are competitive.  Depending on the keywords you are working with, it could taken even an expert digital marketer a few months before you see movement.

SEO Methodology

SEO is time consuming. If you are not trained to use CMS then you may also struggle to make the changes that you want yourself. Make sure you know a bit about what you are doing before you get going.

Competitor Analysis

The only way to start, SEO is a long term digital marketing strategy that can help you beat your competitors, have a look at what they are doing and do it better.

Relevant content

Lots of it, make sure the content on your website is unique and relevant to the service or product you provide.


Google loves when websites link to one another as this is a sign of trust.

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Digital Marketing Agency in Edinburgh

If you work in Edinburgh then you are spoiled for choice. Any digital marketer will tell you that working with a SEO Edinburgh agency will transform how your digital strategy works.

Ask you local SEO Edinburgh agency for an expert opinion, they may even offer to do a free audit for your company. This is a new start, an agency can help you build domain authority and grow your business revenue within a matter of months.

Clear Communication

Make sure that before any work goes ahead, goals and objectives should be clarified between the both of you. Once the work has started on your campaign, it is important that the agency you are working with send you a monthly report.

 Remeber communication is the key to having to a well-executed digital marketing campaign, this should work from both ends of the partnership.