The Value Of Design And Marketing


It is true to say that design is actually effective marketing. These days, everywhere you go all over the world you will find all innovative people are turning to design as a major success factor that allows them to do all kinds of advertising their business products and services. In order to get the message effectively delivered to consumers about your offers, you have to use design. The design makes your products look more real, useful and great.

Design As A Marketing Strategy

Marketing methods keep on changing as time goes by. Years before marketing was done using advertising columns on printed media pages. The advertised item would appear on the media pages in a simple form such as “Chicken for sale at 5 pounds, contact so and so at such and such an address and telephone number’. The marketing strategy has today dramatically changed due to advanced technological facilities such as the internet. Today, you cannot divorce your marketing strategies from design. But despite the advancement in the way of doing things, some of them will just remain the same. Whether now or then you need to have three things in mind. Have a good idea of what you want to sell, why sell and the possible buyers.

Your marketing strategy has to be well designed to look more superior and attractive than your competition. In your design for the marketing strategy think of things such as product or service, the benefits, target audience, marketing strategies, niche group, about your business and budget.


Graphics Design

Graphic design is an art and embodies planning and projecting ideas, experiences and their presentation in a visual and textual format. The graphic design form of communication will be in the form of physical or virtual and can include words, images, and graphic formats. A good graphic design project should have:

Call-to action option-This calls up to the user to perform certain actions such as connecting to link, subscribe, comment extra while still having the reader’s attention.

Info-graphics-It is a proven fact that people respond better to what they can see. They will respond better to photos and information graphics. It is, therefore, a creative way to draw customer’s attention.

Blog-posts graphics- The brain processes visual content faster than written content. Before coming to the text, the reader’s opinion will be influenced by the design. It is, therefore, better to have good graphics in your blog.

Web Design

Web design involves the art of building a site in the internet world wide web site network that will highly contribute to the success of your business. The site should clearly reflect about you and your whole business concept. A good web site when well-designed will contribute to enhancing your brand, your reputation and customer lead generation. The design work should come up with a well-designed page layout, site graphics, text location, pages linking and well informative blog pages about your business. A successful web site should have some of the following attributes:


An information architecture that addresses your audience needs

Well displayed and organised information with easy navigation

Information relevancy and easy presentation for proper communication and engagement with the target audience

Packaging Design

Businesses that deal with products have work on designing product packaging that will over advertisement and physical protection for the product. The packaging design graphics have to offer more than making the product look attractive. The design itself must make the product unique in a way that, it stands out from others and offers an attraction to customers. The designer has to primarily think of the following:


Concept generation and illustrations

Choice of design structure

Texture and materials used

Brand identity, brand positioning, art direction and copy write issues


In conclusion, we can say that business owners have realised that the work of design is very important to the success of the business. It is pegged on the design structure that deals with proper communication of the business offers and brand positioning. A well worked out design structure, therefore, contributes highly to making people be aware and want to relate to that particular business.