What To Consider When Choosing A Reputable Window Company

When choosing a window company you want to choose one that prioritizes quality and customer service. Asking friends and neighbors for recommendations, reviewing online reviews and testimonials, visiting showrooms and undergoing in-home consultations can help you gauge professionalism and work ethic.

A window company should also offer a range of brands, styles and shapes; dealers often buy from multiple manufacturers. Here are points to keep in mind when researching double glazing companies in Glasgow.

Ask For References

Many home improvement contractors will be able to provide you with testimonials from past customers, so be sure to ask. You can also look for online reviews about the company, as well as how responsive they are to customer questions and concerns.

Another question to consider is how long the window company has been in business. Generally, a company with years of experience will have highly skilled and knowledgeable installation teams. You should avoid a newer company that is just starting out, as they may not have the necessary experience to do the job correctly.

Check Online Reviews

The old-fashioned practice of asking for referrals from friends, family, and neighbors remains a solid method of gauging the reputation and professionalism of a window company. Ask how their experience was working with the company, whether they were satisfied with the quality of installation and other details about the project.

You can also find out a lot about a window company from online reviews. Browse homeowner testimonials and reviews on websites like Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List to read about their experiences with different replacement window companies.

Look for a window company with a good reputation in the industry that offers quality products and excellent customer service. Make sure to check how they communicate with customers – do they respond promptly to emails, phone calls, and text messages?

Check License

Choosing a replacement window company that specializes in residential windows and has a C17 glazing license is an important step to take. This ensures that the installation contractor will be held liable in case of an accident during your window installation. Additionally, you should also look for a comprehensive warranty that covers the installation process as well as the product.

It’s also worth checking online reviews to see homeowner testimonials and examples of previous work from each replacement window company. You should also pay attention to how responsive the company is when you call, email or visit their store – if they are prompt in returning your calls or answering your questions, this can be a good sign of their customer service quality.


The warranty is one of the most important aspects of a window company. You want a company that offers warranties that will last for a lifetime, which means that they should be able to take care of you if something goes wrong with your windows in the future.

You should also check what the warranty covers and what it doesn’t cover. For example, some companies exclude natural disasters, airborne pollutants, accidents, misuse of cleaners, and other factors. You also want to ensure that the warranty covers both the products and the installation.